Self Luminous Exit Sign - Single or Double?

Choosing The Correct Self Luminous Exit Sign

Before you purchase a self luminous exit sign, it's time to consider where in your business they need to be placed. Depending on their location you may require a single sided or double-sided faced sign.


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It's true that double sided signs are more expensive than single sided fixtures. However, double sided signs are essentially two single-sided signs put together. The price of a double-faced unit is considerably less than buying two single-faced signs.

Whichever you buy, you will still get the same benefits and the same lifespans, available in the following models:

    • 10 year
    • 20 year

Where Do I Need Single Sided Self Luminous Signs?

Single sided exit signs are typically back-mounted to a vertical surface such as a wall. Common placement of these single-face fixtures is right above a door leading to the outside. Because SL signs are weatherproof, they will not be affected by weather that gets blown in.

These signs have knockout chevrons pointing to the right and left of the 'exit' lettering, so you can also place these popular fixtures midway along hallways or outdoor walkways, pointing to the nearest exit.

These signs come in at less than $200 dollars, yet they are the most versatile exit sign in existence.

Where Do I Need Double Sided Self Luminous Signs?

Say you've got a hallway with exits at either end? Placing a wall mounted exit sign on the wall would mean occupants walking from either side will not be able to clearly see the sign. The solution to this is to ceiling-mount a double sided self powered exit sign in the included aluminum bracket; positioning the signs so they face either exits.

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This configuration works in T-junctures as well. This could be two opposite halls that meet a perpendicular hall that leads to an outside egress point. You would simply mount the double-faced exit sign as described in the paragraph above. You'll then knockout the right or left chevron (depending which side you look at it) so that occupants from either side can clearly see where the exit is.


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