Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs are a the most popular type of non-electrical exit sign. Self luminous exit signs eliminate the costs and hassles associated with installing and operating conventional electrical exit signs. Self luminous exit signs are powered by tritium, a glowing gas that is an isotope of hydrogen. This interesting and inventive way to create EXIT lighting has revolutionized the industry and made buying and installing signs extremely easy. The best part is, there are no moving parts, batteries, or connections to maintain - and no monthly/yearly exit sign testing! 

Instead of hiring an electrician to perform an invasive and costly installation, choose a self luminous exit sign and the installation is complete in less than 10 mintues. Many of the costs that are attached to traditional electrical exit signs are eliminated through using self luminous exit signs. Since these self-powered signs rely on non-electrical illumination technology, the monthly and yearly testing requirements of exit signs are eliminated. OSHA requires testing of electrical exit sign's battery backup systems on a regular basis - eliminate this with self luminous exit signs.

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Long Lifespan

Self luminous exit signs come in a variety of models, including 10, 15, and 20-year lifespans. 10 and 20-year self luminous exit signs are the most popular models and are always in stock. If you will be operating your facility for more than 10 years, choose a 15 or 20 year model and eliminate the need to buy signs again after 10 years.

Design Choice

When selecting your self luminous exit sign, you can choose the color of your frame and face color. The letters of tritium powered self luminous exit signs always glow green, but you have the choice of selecting the color that surrounds the letters and also the frame color. Face color choices are red, green, white, and black. Frame color choices are white or black. The most popular combination is a red face color and white frame color self luminous exit sign.

Universal Versatility

Self luminous exit signs are extremely versatile. They can be used indoors and outdoors with no worry of damage from rain, sleet, snow, or freezing temperatures. They are sleek in appearance and only have a 1" depth so they blend well with many interior environments. The mounting bracket that comes with our self luminous exit signs can be used to mount the sign from the top or side. For back mount simply attach screws through the corner of each sign.

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