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It Don't Matter if You're Black, White, Green or Red!

One of the fun options to choose from when it comes to self luminous exit signs is their background color. Some businesses will want to match their interior, exterior or brand logo to their exit fixtures. In certain cities, mandated lighting laws will dictate a specific color to use citywide.


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Unfortunately it is not possible to custom order your stencil hues such as hot pink or neon yellow colors. The Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) has specifically chosen only background colors that provide a stark contrast to the green glowing tritium tubes that light the exit lettering. This contrast is meant to maximize visibility from over 100 feet away.

You also cannot change the color of the tritium letters, since tritium's naturally glowing gas is inherently green. 

Red Exit Signs

Red is the most popular background color we sell. Not only does read catch the eye' attention like few other hues can, it also makes the tritium letters really stand out. This is also the only color approved in new York City and Chicago, where emergency lighting laws are are much stricter than most other cities.'

These are popular in apartment buildings, restaurants and retail stores.

Green Exit Signs

The color of nature and Earth is the second most popular style we sell. It is a much darker green than the tritium tubes give off, so you will still have no trouble seeing these fixtures from far away. These are also the required sign color for the state of Maryland and the city of Los Angeles.

These are popular fixtures in office buildings, hotel lobbies and government buildings.

Black Exit Signs

These signs offer a designer look that is both functional and attractive. Some upscale businesses like to contrast their mostly white interior with a dark colored fixtures. They may also be used on black painted walls for a uniform look, making it seem that the exit letters are magically emanating form the wall itself.

Popular in photo studios, post production houses and recording studios and nightclubs.

Check Out Our Black Self Luminous Exit Signs

White Exit Signs

Pretty much the polar opposite of the black, these sterile fixtures look great against a black background. They also give a very sleek, minimal look when set against pure white or off-white surfaces.

Great in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, photo studios and grocery stores.

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