Self Luminous Exit Signs Explained

Using Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs are used to offer a safe exit from a closed area during an emergency. These exit signs keep glowing even when the power is cut and ensure the building's occupants a safe path of egress. Self luminous exit signs guarantee safety any time of day in almost any circumstance.


These exit signs are very helpful in emergency situations. Traditional exit signs used in commercial buildings use an electrical connection to perpetually illuminate "EXIT" in either red or green with incandescent bulbs. This method of lighting is energy inefficient and ultimately costly. When these traditional bulbs burn out or break, it is necessary to purchase replacement parts. Also, the electric wiring of these exit signs may get damaged and may require maintenance to avoid short circuit. Overall, the maintenance of traditional exit signs is an expensive operation. 

Self Luminous Exit Signs are Cheaper?

Tritium exit signs require a much higher initial investment than their traditional counterparts. However, self illuminating exit signs prove to be cheaper in longer run. The reason for this is their almost negligible cost of maintenance for these self luminous exit signs.

Self illuminating exit signs do not use electricity and will therefor drastically reduce energy consumption. Tritium exit signs do not need electric bulbs because they are self illuminating and do not require a maintenance team to check if the bulbs are working or not. This also saves money. Another advantage is the fact that these tritium exit signs do not require any electric wiring. Wires getting damaged corroded will never happen. It also reduces the maintenance cost of self illuminating exit signs.

Self Luminous Exit Signs are Reliable

As we have seen, self luminous exit signs do not use electricity and we have observed that the electric wiring required by electric exit signs may catch fire and may increase dangers of electric accidental fire. Thus, electric exit signs cannot be termed as reliable because in case of fire emergency, if the electric wiring catches fire, the exit signs will stop working. Also, electric exit signs cannot work in case of electric failure. Self luminous exit signs offer much more reliable service because they do not need electricity and will keep working even if there is no electricity. Furthermore, since there is no electric wiring required by the tritium exit signs, there will be any danger of electric fire caused by the wiring of electric exit signs. Thus, self illuminating exit signs are certainly more reliable and safer than their counterparts.

Photo luminescent exit signs are also self illuminating and they do not require any electricity but they are free of radioactive elements like tritium. Tritium is less harmful than other radioactive element such as radium. 

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