Self Luminous Exit Signs - Extreme Temperatures

Temperature Overview

A common question we often get concerns the exact range of a self luminous exit sign in extreme hot and cold conditions. You already know that SL signs are suited to both indoor and outdoor environments, are wet location capable and can even be used in explosive environments.


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Self powered exit signs do not include any wiring or battery packs. They are completely non-electrical, which allows them to be put through the ringer of environmental maladies without harm. They can even receive a great deal of physical abuse and still continue to work.

To add to all these amazing advantages, SL signs are capable of withstanding temperatures well above and below electronic exit signs. Let's compare some of these advantages to different LED exit fixtures.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Temperature Range

SL signs can operate in temps as high as 176° F and a low of -67° F. These signs can literally be placed outdoors in summer hot spots like the Persian Gulf. Conversely they can be placed outside a weather station in Antarctica in the dead of winter and still work.

Because there are no circuits that can fuse or batteries to rupture, self powered exit signs can literally be placed anywhere on Earth, with the exception of under the ocean.

SL V.S. LED Exit Signs

Thermoplastic LED Signs - The lowest cost electronic sign, available only for indoor applications.

    • Min = 20° F
    • Max = 120 ° F
    • Price = $40

Wet Location LED Exit Sign w/ Battery Warmer - Made for outdoor locations.

    • Min = -20° F
    • Max = 120° F
    • Price = $190

NEMA 4X LED Signs - All weather electronic units.

    • Min = -40° F
    • Max = 140° F
    • Price = $300

Self Luminous Exit Sign

    • Min = -67° F
    • Max = 176° F
    • Price = $198

The untrained shopper will choose one of the first two signs for their price alone. However, in locations that experience extreme temperatures, even a few days out of the year, will require either the NEMA 4X model or a self-luminous fixture.

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A quick cost comparison, as well as the extra price for installation and maintenance, should make it abundantly clear how advantageous a self powered exit sign can be. 

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