Self Luminous Exit Signs for Exteriors

Can I Put Self Luminous Exit Signs Outside?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to the installation of self illuminating exit fixtures. Sure they are waterproof, do not require electricity and can even be placed in flammable environments - but can they endure the tortures of Mother Nature?


Look At Our Single Sided Self Luminous Exit Signs

Most businesses will quickly choose robust, outdoor exit signs because the initial price seems cheaper than buying a self-luminous option. However, factor in the price of a battery heater (required in locations that experience temperatures lower than 20° F), then the cost of hiring an electrician to wire a conduit, then add the electrical consumption costs over time. Suddenly that cheap LED exit sign isn't so ideal.

Self illuminating fixtures also last 5-15 years longer than electrical all-weather exit signs. SL signs also require little in the way of maintenance, even when placed in the roughest environments.

Self Powered Exit Signs for Outdoor Use

Self illuminating signs are easy to install and will not require a j-box or electrical conduit. They can endure sub-zero temperatures, as the tritium gas has a high freezing point. They are constructed with die cast aluminum housings that are highly resistant to corrosion. A clear polycarbonate faceplate protects the exit face from vandalism and heavy rain.

To ensure your self powered exit sign will last for it's 10, 15 or 20 year lifespan, we suggest you install these fixtures under an overhang or canopy to provide some protection against rain and snow.

Maintaining Your Tritium Exit Sign

Tritium has radioactive isotopes that are harmful if swallowed, however, the background radiation they emit is less than your home smoke alarm. Because of their strong housing, SL units are unlikely to break unless they are purposefully bludgeoned.

Look At Our Double Sided Self Luminous Exit Signs

There is no maintenance required, though we suggest you or your building's maintenance person take some time every couple of months to visually inspect the sign at night. If the 'exit' letters are not clear from 100 feet away, clean the polycarbonate lens with water and a cloth. 

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