Self Luminous Exit Signs in Oil Refineries

Self Luminous Exit Signs in Refineries

Petroleum is the chemical that moves the world. In car production alone, petroleum products make up most of the interior, door gaskets, many of the engine parts, tires and even the polycarbonate headlights. Not to mention you can't drive a car without gasoline!

Refineries, both land and sea based, take crude oil and break it down into various components. They perform three basic steps to prepare petrol for use in various products:

  • Separation (fractional distillation)
  • Conversion (cracking and rearranging molecules)
  • Treatment

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Self luminous exit signs are incredibly versatile, and are used extensively in both indoor and outdoor applications. These non-electrical exit signs are also applicable to oil refineries and other industries that produce hazardous material.

Why Self Luminous Exit Signs? 

Refineries can be extremely hazardous. As the crude oil is put through furnaces for distillation, harmful gases and vapors are produced which can become explosive if naked flames are introduced. The ensuing disaster can easily bring down an entire facility and render a once plentiful oil vein useless.

To prevent such catastrophe, no electronic devices may enter marked hazardous spaces unless they are hermetically sealed. This is to ensure that the internal circuitry cannot spark an explosion.

However, such safeguards carry disadvantages to the buyer (you):

  • They typically start at over $500
  • AC power conduits must be installed by an electrician
  • They continually drain electricity from the refinery
  • Exhaustive monthly and yearly maintenance must be performed by a hired maintenance person. Their task (and their salary) goes up the more units that require preventive maintenance.
  • Hazardous units last for only 7 years

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Because self powered exit signs contain tritium, a naturally luminous hydrogen gas, they offer a lot of advantages over LED units.

  • 10-25 year lifespan, depending on the model you purchase
  • No maintenance is required during its lifespan
  • No electrical conduits to run
  • Not affected by moisture or foul weather

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Installing Self Luminous Signs 

A single-sided self luminous exit sign can be affixed to any non-flammable vertical surface in minutes. You can also top or side-mount the sign using the included aluminum mounting bracket. This is ideal for double-sided signs. 

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