Self Luminous Exit Signs in Wet Locations

Wet Location Overview

Many of our customers look for ways they can bring their exterior locations up to code without having to break the bank. These exteriors are commonly hit with harsh weather including rain, snow and ice which can damage and corrode most electronic exit signs.

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There are, of course, wet location exit signs that are made to withstand such abuses. However because they require electricity, it may be difficult or impossible to install them in some outdoor areas.  The units themselves are not much more expensive than self luminous exit sign fixtures, but with the added costs over time they definitely make sense.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Applications

Self powered exit signs are quickly becoming a popular choice in wet locations because of their low-maintenance design. They also have a considerably longer lifespan than electronic units.

Some of these wet locations include:

  • Hotel pool areas
  • Above doors built into glass superstructures
  • Wash-down areas
  • Indoors, where fire suppression sprinklers are installed
  • Docks and piers
  • Outdoor walkways, atriums and alleyways
  • Utility sheds separate from the building

Waterproof Self Luminous Exit Sign

As mentioned, SL exit signs are non-electrical, meaning they can easily surface mount to most vertical surfaces without the wiring of AC conduits required by LED units. 

Illumination is produced by a contained hydrogen gas known as tritium, which has a natural glowing property. The tritium is safely stored within the sign and provides brilliant green light in pitch black environments. During the day, these signs will have a faint green glow.

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This is also a distinct advantage over other non-electrical signs like glow in the dark models, which only work in interior locations equipped with artificial lighting that charges the light absorbing properties of such signs. You can place SL signs in complete darkness; they will still continue to light consistently until the end of their lifespan.

Other Applications

Self powered signs need not be used exclusively. We advise many of our customers to strategically place more expensive electrical units, then fill in the gaps with SL signs. This way they save at least a little pocket change with their energy and maintenance costs.


Unsure if self powered exit signs are right for your exterior location? Give our exit sign pros a call at 800-379-1129 today, or email the production staff.

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