Self Luminous Exit Signs Light The Exits

Self luminous exit signs light the exits

In an emergency situation or an event where the lights go out, it’s important to make sure that the exit lights you use in your building will function. One of the best choices for exit lights are self luminous ones. Self luminous exit signs light the exits in any condition and will function without the need for a steady electrical feed. This means that these types of lights will continue to function after the power has gone out.


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Why use exit signs

Exit signs are mandatory. They’re considered to be safety devices because they provide people in a building with the direction to evacuate during an emergency like a fire or an earthquake. All exit signs generally look the same and display an illuminated version of the word EXIT in either green or red.

Does it contain Tritium?

Self luminous exit signs that contain tritium are a little bit different. This type of self luminous exit sign illuminates exit locations only when the area is dark. When the area is bright, the letters on exit signs that contain tritium are white. As soon as there is no longer any bright light, the letters begin to glow in a green color.

Local building codes

Regardless of the type of light used, self luminous exit signs need to permanently install above doors and along corridors. Most local building codes require this because these types of lights are imperative to building safety and safely removing occupants in the event of a fire or other dangerous situation.

Radioactive exit signs

Self luminous exit signs can also come as a combo fixture with the functionality of an emergency light and an exit light. Generally the emergency light will not be self luminous in the same way tritium exit signs are. They will be self luminous in that there will be a battery back up that will keep the light functioning for between 60 to 90 minutes after the source of electrical power has been cut off.

Perfect solution for exit signs

Combination of light and exit sign are marketed as the perfect solutions for building that require emergency and exit light. Many building fit into this category and will need emergency and exit lights at some point in their buildings. Some commercial buildings are larger and may need emergency and exit lights more often.

Self luminous exit signs

Combo models are generally different from self luminous exit signs. Combo models do not usually contain tritium and have an LED exit sign which has a side mounted or top emergency lamp heads. While the exit light may remain on at all times, the emergency light will only come on in emergency situation or when the unit senses that the AC power at the facility has been lost. Some businesses prefer the individual combined unit since there is only a single fixture to mount. There is also only one back up battery system to monitor and one electrical connection to set up.

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