Self Luminous Exit Signs - NOT Made in China

Don't Buy Chinese Self Luminous Exit Signs

All of the self luminous exit signs we sell at SLES are efficient, safe and individually crafted by hard working Americans who are paid a decent wage. We are especially proud of this last fact, since most other businesses these days are practically forced to sell items made in China or India.

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All of the signs we sell have been built, assembled and tested in the USA. We offer them at discounted prices as close to the manufacturer's base cost as possible. However, that does not mean we are the cheapest you'll find on the internet...

Buying From the Red Dragon

So many of our customers have found vendors online that sell self-luminous signs at unheard of prices. How can they do this? Because their products look identical to American patented exit signs, yet they are sold by Chinese companies. 

The only way they can offer such rock bottom prices is:

  • Use of unsafe, toxic materials during production
  • Forged UL 924 stamps on exit sign body and box
  • Poor quality leads to signs that fail well before their expected lifespan
  • Assembly workers are forced to work for pennies a week
  • No emissions policies leads to the proliferation of toxic waste and pollution in our ecosystem
  • Encourages industrial espionage and violation of U.S. patents
  • Encourages American businesses to outsource to other countries
  • Fewer jobs left for Americans.

Identifying Chinese Exit Signs

The Chinese government actually encourages such fraud, since they want to corner the market on everything. Chinese-made self luminous exit signs are packed with less tritium gas than they are rated, and sometimes use toxic radium in place of tritium.

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Because of our considerable connections with manufacturers, we have the lowest prices on the market. If you see a similar that we carry that is more than $100 less, you are buying a Chinese impostor. No identifiers will allude you to this trickery. Only common sense will rule it out.

Self Luminous Signs Made in the USA

Show your patriotism and buy USA-made self powered exit signs for your company. Call us anytime at 800-379-1129 or email us.

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