Self Luminous Exit Signs on Naval Ships

Self Luminous Exit Signs in the U.S. Navy

The same cost-effective self luminous exit signs that can be used in practically any indoor or outdoor at facility in North America is also perfect for military use. The United States Navy has the largest fleet of oceangoing ships and submarines in the world, and exit signs must be installed in every vessel.

We are proud to present our long-lasting, American-made SL exit signs to our men and women in uniform. We guarantee they will not require any periodic maintenance during their 10-20 year lifespan.

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Some shipboard spaces that employ SL exit signs are:

  • Mess decks
  • Engine and Fire rooms
  • Nuclear generators
  • Helicopter control towers
  • Master-at-arms office and brig

Even though SL signs can be used outside, they must not be used in the outer decks since it can give away the ship's position at night.

Employing Self Powered Exit Signs

All military and merchant ships require roughly the same laws when it comes to exit sign placement. To conserve precious energy, photoluminescent (glow-in-the dark) signs are extensively used on watertight and airtight doors as well as hatchways.

However glow in the dark signs require artificial light in the immediate area to be on at all times, and will only stay lit for about 90 minutes after lights-out, or during an emergency power outage. For these areas that are kept dark to maintain night visibility, or in lower deck storerooms, we highly suggest self powered exit signs.

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Self powered exit signs are powered by tritium, a naturally glowing hydrogen gas. You will not have to run electrical power or perform maintenance on these signs. SL signs are also resistant to water, so they will not be affected by flooding or inclement weather.

Shipyard or Dry Dock Installation

The best time to replace or install these tritium-powered luminaries is during the ship's initial construction. After ships are commissioned, they are put through drydock trials, typically every two years. This is the perfect time to replace inefficient exit signs.


If you need any assistance buying new self luminous fixtures, or replacing old ones, give us a call toll-free at 800-379-1129 or email our production staff.

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