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Hands-Off My Exit Sign!

We've talked a lot about the unique advantages you can enjoy when purchasing self luminous exit signs. They can be used in any indoor or outdoor location, consume no power and require absolutely no maintenance. If that isn't enough reason to buy one for your business, read about some of the other distinct advantages to using self luminous technology.


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Sure they can withstand temperatures as low as -70°F, in high winds, rain and snow storms. Sure they are inherently watererproof. But what about the human element? Many buildings in areas prone to vandalism need to consider the possibility of their brand new exit fixture being destroyed by human tampering.

Tamper Proof Self Luminous Exit Signs

Ever walk through a hotel or any public building and see a cheap thermoplastic exit sign just hanging by it's lead wires? Such LED units are easily broken by child pranksters or other vandals because they have flimsy plastic housings. Add to that, it is not difficult to dislodge the battery or circuits in these units, rendering them totally useless.

The only reason proprietors and building managers go with these cheap fixtures is…they're cheap! What they don't realize is the amount of trouble they will have to go through to order new units in vandal prone environments. Had they bought self powered exit signs instead, a lot of hassle could have been avoided.

Construction of Self Luminous Exit Signs

SL units are self-contained fixtures that are lit by a naturally glowing gas called tritium. The tritium is injected into phosphor-soaked glass tubes and secured in a tight array within the sign. This array is then 'layered' with the exit background stencil and a tamper-proof polycarbonate lens.

The unit is sealed by a die-cast aluminum housing, that is highly resistant to impact. The components are so tightly packed and secured with vandal-proof fasteners that you can drop these signs from several stories without damaging the tritium tubes inside.

The best part is SL signs will last far longer than electronic LED units. They are available in 10 and 20 year models.


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