Self-Luminous Signs and Tritium Disposal

Self-Luminous Signs and Tritium Disposal

Self-luminous or tritium exit signs need to be handled carefully and tritium disposal should be handled according to the rules. This is because of the fact that tritium disposal may cause serious hazards if a living being comes in contact with the radioactive hydrogen. While tritium is harmless if not touched, it may prove to be lethal if someone inhales or ingest it. Even skin contact with tritium may cause hazards and this is why tritium disposal is considered as a major problem.


Why Tritium Disposal is a Concern?

Tritium exist signs are often used in public buildings and with time, these exist signs are becoming more popular. While tritium disposal is a significant problem, using tritium signs saves electricity and reduces cost. However, it is necessary to follow the right steps for tritium disposal. Tritium exit signs cannot be disposed like normal trash. This is because tritium is a potential hazardous substance.

Tritium disposal laws suggest that there should be a proper manner of disposing tritium exit signs. Most of the manufacturers of tritium exit signs offer specific services of tritium disposal free of charge if you buy a new tritium exit sign in return. On the other hand, tritium disposal is not very costly and you will need to pay a small amount for your tritium disposal.

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Laws governing tritium disposal

Tritium is radioactive hydrogen which is not only used in self-luminous exit signs but also is used in plastic watches. Same radioactive material is also used in nuclear generators and fusion reactors and this explains the necessity of proper tritium disposal. Tritium disposal is watched under specific laws as for example, in the United States, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Air Act regulate tritium disposal processes.

Why Tritium Disposal is Necessary

Tritium disposal may seem to be an extra burden but it is not very difficult as one can easily attain professional tritium disposal services. Furthermore, the benefits of using tritium self-luminescent exit signs prove to be much worthy than the trouble of tritium disposal. Tritium is a radioactive element which is fairly stable and will not cause any harm if it is in solid form. However, gaseous tritium may prove to be lethal and hence care must be provided for proper tritium disposal. Tritium isn’t carcinogenic radioactive element and proper tritium disposal makes it sure that this radioactive element won’t cause any serious issue in your surroundings. Tritium disposal regulations are carefully designed to avoid any mistake and the overall process of tritium disposal is made easier and attractive for consumers as consumers can attain free tritium disposal service if they opt for a replacement of tritium exit signs.

Tritium disposal isn’t difficult

Such a scheme for tritium disposal also encourages people to be familiar with tritium exit signs and to use them as more as possible. Tritium disposal concerns may reduce the popularity of self-luminescent exit signs in public buildings but the easier tritium disposal process for consumers make it a beneficial deal for them to use tritium exit signs.

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