Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations

Understanding NRC Title 10 CFR

Our long-lasting self luminous exit signs meet every requirement that electronic signs must must adhere to. However there is a federal law which only applies to tritium powered exit signs, known as the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 10.


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The NRC 10 CFR lays out the binding requirements for all persons and organizations that receive a license from the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) to install self-luminous fixtures.

Founded in 1974, the NRC is an independent agency of the United States government spawned from the Atomic Energy Commission. Their mission is to regulate the nation's civilian use of nuclear materials, ensuring public health protections and mitigating the disposal of radioactive waste.

Title 10 CFR and Self Luminous Exit Signs

The Code of Federal Regulations covers a great deal of material and protocol that does not directly apply to SL exit signs. For more information about NRC code compliance, contact our knowledgeable exit sign pros or call us anytime 24/7 at 800-379-1129.

Three articles in the 10 CFR apply to self powered exit signs:

  1. Chapter 20
  2. Chapter 31.5
  3. Chapter 32.51

Go here for the full text of Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations.

Chapter 20 - Standards for Protection Against Radiation

This chapter gives a general overview for handling, identifying and cleanup of tritium powered exit signs.

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Some of the provisions include:

  • signs must have a standard tri-foil radiation symbol
  • tritium disposal procedure
  • record keeping guidelines
  • radiation dosage limits for minors and adults

Chapter 31.5 - Devices for Producing Light

Responsibilities of general licensees who own, distribute or store SL signs:

  • Assure all labels are affixed to the sign at time of receipt
  • Tritium signs do not require maintenance
  • Maintain records showing when installation, removal or servicing was performed an by whom
  • Shall suspend use of the sign if a breakage is detected. Licensee will immediately call NRC or Agreement State official
  • Notify NRC/Agreement State of a transfer of ownership no less than 30 days prior
  • Shall appoint a responsible individual for all signs in facility

Chapter 32.52 - Generally Licensed Items

Any potential licensee wishing to distribute, build or sell self-luminous signs must:

  • attain a general license
  • submit sufficient information regarding, design, testing, labels, leak testing and potential hazards of the sign
  • each device must have a label
  • include instructions for safe installation

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