Tritium Disposal and Environmental Concerns

Tritium Disposal and Environmental Concerns

Tritium disposal can raise serious environmental concerns because if inhaled or ingested, tritium may prove to be a serious hazardous substance. Disposal of tritium needs to be safe and regulated by proper laws. Most of the manufacturers of tritium exit signs offer free tritium disposal service for those consumers who prefer to buy a new tritium disposal.


Need for tritium disposal

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. After its half life is over, tritium exit sign stops working properly. Hence, it is required to be replaced. Tritium disposal is necessary because even after the half life is over, there remains a significant amount of tritium which if comes in skin contact with a person, may cause health problems. To avoid such unwanted accidents, tritium disposal need to be safe.

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While tritium disposal can cause environmental problems if not regulated, using tritium exit signs also help us to improve our environment. This is so because tritium exit signs don’t need electricity to work. Tritium disposal is not very costly and hence even if you are not willing to buy a new tritium exit sign, you can attain tritium disposal services easily at easy price. In the United States, EPA and Clean Air Act are used to regulate tritium disposal. Such safe tritium disposal makes it sure that no health issue will rise in public because of exposure to tritium.

Danger of Tritium Breakage

Even though tritium disposal can be completed safely, using tritium exit signs can prove to be risky in case the tube of tritium exit signs breakaway. Such breakage may cause unsafe tritium disposal. However, tritium disposal in such cases may prove to be dangerous only if the tritium leakage is in gaseous form. Tritium in solid form is relatively harmless. Proper tritium disposal makes it sure that the usage of tritium self luminous exit signs will offer benefits only without any probable damage of environment. The US Environment Protection Agency confirms this by regulating the tritium disposal laws and process.

Tritium disposal services are offered by professional distributors of self luminous exit signs and they offer free tritium disposal service for all consumers if they are willing to take a new tritium exit sign to replace the old one. Free tritium disposal strategy is meant for confirming safe tritium disposal but it also works as a promotional strategy to make people understand that although tritium is radioactive gas, tritium disposal is not as difficult as it is assumed. It should be also noted that tritium is not as dangerous as other radioactive elements are. Unlike radium, tritium isn’t a carcinogen. Hence, tritium disposal is safer and it makes safe environment. Tritium disposal may seem to be a burden but using tritium self luminous exit signs reduces pollution as no electricity is used for keeping your exit signs luminous even in dark. Because of tritium disposal issue, more and more people are tilting towards the choice of photo-luminescent exit signs.

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