Tritium Disposal of Self-Luminous Exit Signs

Radioactive materials are very useful, but often they may cause hazards. Tritium disposal is an important aspect of using tritium exit signs in public buildings. Tritium disposal may cause serious accidents if tritium disposal is done without proper precautions.

Tritium Disposal is relatively safe

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that is used in tritium exit signs. It is also used in hand watches. Tritium disposal is a serious issue because of the fact that even a little skin contact with tritium may prove to be lethal. If tritium disposal isn’t taken care of properly, the tritium may spread in surrounding environment as gas and if someone inhales it, tritium may prove to be real hazardous. However, if you come in contact with tritium due to a loose tritium disposal, you need to act smart. Clean the part where your skin contacted with tritium with water or take a proper bath and drink as much water as you can. While people fear of using tritium exit signs and lights because they fear of hazards due to careless tritium disposal. However, tritium is least dangerous radionuclide. If a normal quantity of tritium is lost in environment due to a mismanaged tritium disposal, it will not cause any serious damage.

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Tritium Disposal and Alternatives for Tritium Exit Signs

Tritium disposal can be completed easily and safely at a small cost. Tritium exit sign producers and sellers offer services of safe tritium disposal. You may attain tritium disposal service free of cost if you decide to buy a new self-luminous tritium exit sign. This free tritium disposal service in fact works as a boost for the popularity of tritium exit signs. Tritium disposal is not expensive even if you stop using tritium exit signs. Some people just to avoid tritium disposal responsibility turn their choice for photo-luminescent exit signs that don’t involve any such responsibility as tritium disposal because no harmful element is used in photo-luminescent exit signs.

Tritium Disposal is Easy

Tritium disposal is necessary because although tritium as a solid isn’t that much harmful nor it is carcinogen that may increase chances of cancer if it comes in contact with your skin, yet in gaseous form, tritium is a serious threat. People may not like the extra care needed for tritium disposal but tritium exit signs are gaining popularity because the benefits of tritium exit signs cannot be ignored.

While you will have to remain very careful about proper tritium disposal and accidental leakage of tritium if the tube of tritium exit sign breaks, yet you will not be required to care about the bulbs of electric exit signs that may fuse and require a replacement every next month. Tritium exit signs work well for almost twelve and half year without causing any real problem. As everybody remains concerned about tritium disposal, hardly any hazardous incidence occurs in public because of any mismanagement of tritium disposal.

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