Tritium Disposal Safety Norms

Tritium Disposal Safety Norms

While it is beneficial to use tritium exit signs because you will not have to worry about electricity, fuses or new bulbs, it is necessary to remain attentive towards tritium disposal safety norms.


Tritium disposal is not like other normal trash removal. There are tritium disposal service providers who charge a small amount for disposing tritium safely. One can attain free tritium disposal if the buy a new tritium exit sign.

Why is important to confirm safe tritium disposal

Tritium is a radioactive substance that can cause health hazards. A tritium exit sign stops working when the half life of tritium expires. However, after the completion of half life, enough tritium remains in the exit sign that may cause hazards. Furthermore, safe tritium disposal will confirm that tritium is beyond the contact of living beings. Thus, safe tritium disposal is necessary.

Tritium disposal safety norms are regulated by environmental authorities. In the United State, EPA and Clean Air Act regulate the tritium disposal laws. Tritium disposal is not an expensive service and even if you are not willing to buy a new tritium exit sign, you can easily attain tritium disposal service at affordable cost.

In case of unsafe tritium disposal, tritium will be freed in environment and it may come in skin contact with people. Tritium if inhaled or ingested may cause serious damages. This makes it necessary to follow tritium disposal safety norms. Despite dangers of unsafe tritium disposal, tritium exit signs are becoming popular because they don’t need electricity. Another important issue that makes tritium exit signs popular even though they require responsible concern regarding managed tritium disposal is the fact that tritium is not a carcinogen that will cause cancer. Unlike radium, tritium is safer and doesn’t pose any serious threat. Proper tritium disposal confirms that there will be no harm in using tritium exit signs that do not use any electricity. By accepting the responsibility of safe tritium disposal, one can easily reduce their carbon footprints. You won’t be required to change the bulbs of electric signs every now and then. Tritium disposal management is also not difficult as you can submit the used tritium exit sign for tritium disposal to any shopkeeper offering tritium exit signs.

One can think of avoiding the burden of responsible tritium disposal by opting for pho-luminescent exit signs for public buildings but these exit signs will be comparably costly. Tritium disposal management is overviewed by the U.S. Environment Agency because tritium gas in atmosphere can be inhaled by anyone and this will cause dire results. Tritium disposal is essentially important to avoid chances of tritium gas leakage in atmosphere. Apart from issues concerning tritium disposal, there is nothing which will discourage you to buy a smart tritium self luminous exit sign. Tritium disposal is made easy by the tritium exit sign distributors who offer professional help for tritium disposal. As tritium disposal is offered free for all customers who prefer to buy a new tritium exit sign to replace the older one, people are willing to take responsibility of managed tritium disposal.

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