Tritium Exit Signs Around The World

Differences in Tritium Exit Signs around the World

Exit signs have a pretty clear purpose: they are placed throughout a facility so they can guide people to an exit in the event that an emergency evacuation is required. This can be due to several factors, whether it is a fire, an earthquake, a bomb threat etc. In order to accomplish this successfully, exit signs must adhere to several guidelines. They must be visible in all possible scenarios, including ones where the power cuts out.


Furthermore, they must stand out, so their view cannot be obstructed by other installations. Most importantly, exit signs need to convey a clear and accurate message which can transcend all cultural and language barriers. It would be pointless if every country had their own version of an exit sign, so anytime someone visits a foreign country they need to learn all the new signs. That is why there are several types which serve as a universal standard which are easy to comprehend to everyone.

A lot of people will be familiar with the red and white sign that says EXIT. That is predominant throughout America, but not so much in Europe and Asia. There, the green and white color scheme is used more often as red is usually intended to depict restrictions. Furthermore, in a lot of countries, including all members of the European Union, the word EXIT has been replaced by images, usually showing a man running towards an exit. Even with these variations, there are still just a few types of exit signs which are used throughout the world and all of them are easy to understand.

What Are Tritium Exit Signs?

When it comes to tritium exit signs, there is another issue which other types of signs do not have to deal with. Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen. Not only that, but it is radioactive and unstable. Understandably, not everyone is allowed to handle tritium in significant amounts. To make matters even worse, tritium is often used in hydrogen bombs as a booster. This potential for other, more destructive uses means that it must be thoroughly regulated. As a result, each country will have its own regulations pertaining to the amounts of tritium which can be handled by any company, even those that make exit signs.

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Tritium Exit Signs Are Safe

Even though the quantities of tritium found in exit signs are harmless, the governments must still pay close attention to where each amount winds up. That means that different countries will be faced with different issues regarding how to handle something that, in theory, should be no threat at all. Since other exit signs do not have these issues, a lot of facilities prefer to avoid the hassle and go with other types of exit signs.

Conclusion on Tritium Exit Signs

Once the issue of dealing with tritium is resolved, there are no discernable differences between these signs and other ones, such as LED exit signs. The designs stay the same and people would have a hard time telling what kind of sign it is just by looking at it.

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