Tritium Gas Exit Signs

Finding Your Way With Self Luminous Exit Signs

When the lights go off in a power outage or natural disaster, a self luminous exit sign will continue to stay lit without a single ounce of power.

Most emergency fixtures, including lights and exit signs, must have emergency ballasts or batteries to keep them running in such power failures. However, tritium gas exit signs do not.


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What makes SL signs so special is their ability to create light out of nothing. The secret actually isn't a secret at all - it's the tritium gas, combined with other elements, which creates a spectacular illumination naturally.

How Tritium Gas Exit Signs Work

Tritium was discovered as a byproduct of other nuclear substances including deuterium and only occurs naturally in the solar rays produced by our sun.

Tritium is radioactive, however, when inert it produces a background radiation signature equivalent to that of a home smoke detector. They produce less carcinogens than the ballast of HID lights or the amount produced by most apartment building interiors.

See Our Tritium Gas Exit Signs

So that gives you a good clue as to how dangerous a new, unbroken self powered exit sign really is. You don't need to dress in a led outfit or explosive ordinance suit, ala The Hurt Locker, to handle them.

You also will not require a special license or permission to buy one. Only manufacturers and entities that store signs in large quantities must qualify for a license through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Inside The Exit Sign

Tritium by itself only has a faint radio luminescent glow. That is why the glass tubes containing the gas are coated with phosphor. When both elements collide, they create the dazzling glow that can bee seen from over 100 feet away.

Tritium decays at a defined rate over time, and once it has reached the sign's 10, 15 or 20-year rated life expectancy, the sign's glow will start to dim. This dimming will let you know it's time to get a replacement ASAP


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