Tritium Self Luminous Exit Sign

Tritium Self Luminous Exit Sign

Most of the modern self luminous exit signs on the market today work thanks to a gaseous substance known as Tritium. Tritium is radioactive, which allows it to create visible light naturally—eliminating the need for light bulbs, electricity, and batteries altogether. While many people worry about the effect that tritium might have on the environment and on human beings. However, studies have found that tritium is very safe for humans to come into contact with, especially when compared with the older methods of creating self illuminating signs. Furthermore, the fact that a tritium self luminous exit sign does not waste valuable electricity and that it has a much longer lifespan than most other signs—working for ten to twenty years on average—actually means that it has a positive effect on the environment. So, for a safe option that’s also green, choose a tritium self luminous exit sign for your building!


Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs Are Reliable

Many people worry that since the tritium self luminous exit sign is somewhat new, they will not be able to find a wide selection of designs and styles. However, these signs come in just about every style imaginable, so you can find the perfect one to blend in with your office, restaurant, nightclub, or any other establishment that requires an exit sign. In the rare event that you are unable to find what you are looking for, don’t worry—you can always place a custom order to get the exact sign that you want and require.

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Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs Save You Money

Another thing that many people are concerned about when it comes to making the switch to using a tritium self luminous exit sign is the increased cost. While it is true that these signs are slightly more expensive upfront than battery operated, electricity operated, and combination exit signs, you have to think about the money that you’ll actually save in the long run. When you buy a tritium self luminous exit sign, you pay for it once and then enjoy its use for a decade or longer! With other types of exit signs, the charges are just beginning when you place a sign order.


Once a traditional sign arrives, you will most likely have to pay to install it. With a tritium self luminous exit sign, you simply hang it up and watch it work! Battery operated signs will need their batteries replaced as often as two to three times a week on average.  Even if you use a battery recharger, you’ll still be constantly working to make sure you have batteries on hand and that the current batteries in your sign are working. Who has time for that kind of hassle? Even with electric signs, bulbs will burn out frequently, and your sign will not work in the event of a power outage—which often signifies the type of situation where you will want and need your exit signs to work the most! Also don’t forget about increased electricity bills for running an electric sign. Obviously, a tritium self luminous exit sign is the smart choice.

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