Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs

Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs

If you own and/or are responsible for a large building, it is very likely that the building code requires you to have several exit signs throughout your property. Having to buy so many signs, of course, can get costly. This is especially true for those who own and/or operate several large buildings. When this is the case, you’re probably tempted to just buy the cheapest signs you can find—which are usually battery powered signs, electrically powered signs, or a combination of the two. What you should know, however, is that your “cheap choice” could actually be costing you a lot more in the long run!


Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs Save You Money

Believe it or not, choosing slightly more expensive tritium self luminous exit signs can actually end up saving you a bundle for several reasons. First of all, tritium self luminous exit signs last much longer than battery powered, electrically powered, or combination signs. Electrically powered signs tend to last the shortest amount of time, usually about five to six years on average. Then, there are the battery powered signs which can last around eight years. Tritium self luminous exit signs, however, can lost either ten or twenty years—that’s two whole decades!—depending upon the exact model that you buy!

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Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs Are Smart

In addition to being longer lasting, tritium self luminous signs will never call for any repairs or replacements. This isn’t the case with the others, however. In fact, you’ll quickly find that repairing and replacing parts is just about all you’ll do with these signs! Electrically powered signs will need the light bulbs changed regularly. You’ll also have to be on the lookout for frayed cords or exposed wiring, which can present a fire hazard in addition to being costly to repair. With battery operated models, you’ll change the batteries anywhere from two to three times a week, more if you’re using rechargeable batteries! Combination models will require you to do both of these things regularly, all of which are costly and time consuming. Obviously, it’s much easier just to buy tritium self luminous exit signs, which you can put to work and then forget about!

A Smart Investment— Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs

With electric signs, remember that you are also paying to operate them! The more signs you have and the longer they run per day, the more you can expect to see that electric bill creep upwards. Add this to the cost of buying tons of batteries and/or light bulbs, and you’ve spent a small fortune keeping your sign alive and working. It’s very obvious then that the smart choice is to spend a little extra for quality, long lasting tritium self luminous exit signs. You might have to pay more than you want upfront, but you pay only once and then get ten to twenty years of reliable service. These signs work in any temperature or atmosphere, inside or outside, and are the signs most highly recommended by safety professionals. We urge you to make the smart choice, both for your peace of mind and for your pocketbook.

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