Tritium Self Powered Exit Sign

Tritium Self Powered Exit Sign

If you own a battery powered exit sign, then you’re more than likely sick of having to constantly replace the batteries. Most owners of these signs report changing the batteries as often as one to three times a week, with some lesser quality signs even requiring daily battery changes. Not only is this a real pain, but it can also be quite expensive. You may have tried to limit the expense by purchasing a battery charger and using rechargeable batteries, but you’ve likely found that the batteries don’t hold a charge for as long and that you’re having to devote more time to changing the batteries than ever before.


Tritium Self Powered Exit Signs Are The Smart Choice

For those who skipped out on self powered exit signs and who made the “smart” choice of electrically powered signs, there are still problems in store. As an owner of an electric sign, the first thing you’ll probably notice s the rise in your electric bill—especially if you have multiple signs and especially if they are left on for long hours. You’ll also find that you’re spending money and time buying and replacing burnt out light bulbs  or worrying about frayed cords, what will happen if the power goes out, and whether or not your sign will get wet and be ruined.

A Tritium Self Powered Exit Sign Is for Multi-Use

Many thought they found the solution to these problems by purchasing combination signs. These are signs that run on electricity until there is no electricity and then switch to battery power or vice versa. What you’ll ultimately find with these signs, however, is that you’ve doubled your problems and your expenses. You’ll face the high electric bills in addition to the cost of replacing light bulbs and batteries constantly. This can all be quite infuriating, but there is a very simple solution to all of these issues.

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Tritium Self Powered Exit Signs Are Reliable

To eliminate all of the hassle and to, instead, just have an exit sign that works as it’s supposed to, then you’ll want to choose a tritium self powered exit sign. The name says it all; these signs illuminate thanks to the gas tritium. They don’t require any outside or internal power source, so you can ditch the batteries and the bulbs. Best of all, you can watch your electric bill fall way down low where it should be! A tritium self powered exit sign doesn’t require any special temperature and can be used indoors or outdoors, in the dark or the light, and will last you for many years to come.


When you buy a tritium self powered exit sign, you can choose a model built to last for ten years or even for twenty years. This means that you could have up to two decades of worry free enjoyment of your exit sign. You simply receive your sign, place it where it needs to go, and then sit back and let it work. Nothing could be easier or more convenient for you, so don’t wait. Place your order for a tritium self powered exit sign today!

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