What Are Self Luminous Exit Signs?

What Are Self Luminous Exit Signs?

When it comes to self luminous exits signs there are many benefits to using these in your office or place of business especially if you want to meet government safety standards.  The self luminous sign can aid you in helping others to notice hazardous areas as well as to notice where to go in the case of an emergency.  In addition to this the signs are not too much more expensive than their electricity using counterparts such as neon signs.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Are Non-Electrical

In fact because they do not require electricity a person can use them without raising the electric bill every month, and they do not need to be installed by an electrician as well which brings down the cost of installation. Even battery powered signs use electricity and replacing those batteries can be an expensive process.  This and more makes getting a self luminous sign very  good for your wallet and for your business. 

Self Luminous Exit Sign Illumination

The way these signs are made involves pumping radioactive tritium gas into a glass tube that is bent in the shape of letters.  The letters that are used can be far ranging and this makes the tritium powered sign good for a number of purposed besides just for safety.  If you own any type of store or establishment that sells any number of products to consumers you can entice them into your business using these signs.

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Self Luminous Exit Signs Are Safe

The tritium that is used in these signs may be radioactive but they are not dangerous to humans in any way.  This is because the gas cannot penetrate your skin and the radiation that comes from the tritium is of a low grade.  If you want to find one of these signs there are many options that you can choose from in order to do this including going online and buying one through one of the many online stores that have them.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Lifespan

The lifespan of a self luminous exit sign is about 20 years for most of the ones on the market, and this makes getting one a very smart decision as other signs may last up to 12 years tops.  In addition you can buy a cheaper self luminous sign that lasts for just as long as any other electrified one at about 10 years.  The lifespan of one of these signs is controlled by the fact that the gas that powers them has an extended half life. A half life is defined as the time it takes for a half of any radioactive substance to break down into other elements.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Lifespan

The tritium in the sign will break down through the process of this radioactive decay in about 10 to 20 years (depending on the model purchased), and this process is what also causes the sign to glow.   This process cannot be changed which means that once a self luminous exit sign gets turned on it cannot be turned off unless the gas leaks out.  In addition the sign can last even longer if more tritium is pumped inside.  This ensures that even as the sign weakens through decay the glow will still be bright enough to meet safety standards. 

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