What Are the Best Self Luminous Exit Signs?

If you're looking for an exit sign solution for outdoor, indoor, extreme weather or potentially explosive environments, there is only one device that can do it all: the self luminous exit sign. These safety markers are completely non-electrical and last twice as long as standard LED signs. Best of all you can install them yourself!

Here are just some of the other benefits:

  • No electrical hookup or ambient light to charge
  • No maintenance - zero lamps or batteries to replace
  • Can be installed in less than 5-minutes by anybody!
  • Works great in damp, wet and explosive environments
  • Unprecedented temperature range between -67° F to 176° F!
  • UL Listed just like normal exit signs
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Last up to 20 years!

How do these amazing exit signs stay lit without power? Instead of bulbs or LEDs, these fixtures contain tiny borosilicate glass tubes that are coated with phosphor, a naturally glowing rare earth compound commonly used in fluorescent lighting. These borosilicate envelopes are then pumped with tritium gas (H3), a radioactive hydrogen compound that emits electrons. These electrons excite the phosphor in the tubes which creates the sign's illumination. 

Finding the Best Self Luminous Exit Signs

One of the amazing aspects of SL signage is that they are utterly simple in design. Despite their classification as a nuclear product, they are 100% safe for humans. It also takes fewer natural resources to build these non-electrical signs than it does to manufacture the LEDs and circuit boards found in thermoplastic exit signs.

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That being said, finding the best self powered exit sign is pretty subjective. One main distinction of these products is the amount of tritium that is pumped into the tubes, which equates to the signs expected lifespan. Since tritium decays at a defined rate, manufacturers can assign exact expiration dates. Currently there are only ten (10) and twenty (20) year signs available. 

Of course twenty year signs make the most sense in the long term. Imagine how much money will be saved in energy, maintenance, repair and replacement costs in the span of two decades. You'll also be doing your company a huge favor even long after you retire.

What Color is the Best?

Our non-electrical exit signs have pretty basic color choices to choose from. Since the most radiant phosphor color is neon green, you will not have a say as to what color the actual Exit legend will be. However you can choose what color stencil goes around the letters are. Your choices include:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • White*

*NOTE: White SL signs are not a UL approved egress color and as such should not be used in your facility's emergency lighting package. Certain businesses that want to maintain a white color scheme can use these signs to supplement red, green or black signs along the path of egress.

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If you run a theater chain or other dimly lit environment, black self luminous signs are the way to go. When the lights are up, these signs will blend with the dark finish of the walls. When lights go out the green Exit legend will be seen while the signs housing disappears into the darkness. 

Want the Best Self Luminous Exit Signs?

Our indoor/outdoor self luminous exit signs include a 5-year warranties and use only the highest quality tritium and construction materials. Give us a call anytime for customer support / free technical assistance at 800.379.1129 or email us sales@selfluminousexitsigns.com

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