What Is A Self Luminous Exit Sign?

What is a Self Luminous Exit Sign?

A self luminous exit sign is a sign that does not need any form of electricity in order to use. The installation process of these signs is easy and since it does not use electricity you do not need to hire an electrician in order to install them. Other benefits include: they are compliant with OSHA standards for lighting in public places such as all buildings in the US, and they are also compliant with the standards of Canada’s building codes.

This makes getting this type of sign a smart investment that can make your business more efficient while ensuring that you meet all safety standards necessary to keep it running. In addition the signs lack of electricity makes them safer to use themselves.


Self Luminous Exit Sign Efficiency

The self luminous sign is appropriate for a range of uses though they have traditionally been pretty expensive to buy until recent times. The exit sign has not always been as efficient as it is now and it took many decades for the sign to get to this point of efficiency. This is because many of the signs used commercially were based off of light bulb technology that often drained countless watts of electricity per month sending electric bills skyrocketing.

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With the invention of the self luminous signs the fears many companies had of driving up electricity costs through their exit signs is a thing of the past. The sign has not only increased energy efficiency for most businesses but also has saved them money in the process. This is a good thing for all types of industries because they can continue to progress without sacrificing the safety of their employees and customers in order to save money.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Technology

The self luminous sign works because of the radioactive isotope tritium which is pumped into shaped glass tubes in order to produce a lighted sign. The tritium that is used in these signs may be radioactive but it is not known to be harmful to humans. This is because the gas cannot penetrate the skin of humans and therefore cannot get into our systems. This aspect of the self luminous sign makes it even safer than traditional signs because there is less likely hood of starting a fire with these signs.

Thus they can benefit many companies through the fact that companies can put them in places where it may be a fire hazard to put an electric device. In addition this type of sign can be used in a range of environments including both wet and dry ones. These types of signs are also very reliable and have a long lifespan as compared to traditional electrified signs.

Conclusion About Self Luminous Exit Signs

If you want to purchase your own self laminating sign then you can do so in a variety of ways as many sites and stores offline sell this product. One store in particular that sells this type of sign online in the Self Luminous Exit Signs Co., which offers them at extremely affordable prices. The applications of this technology are so great there is no excuse for you not to get some for your own personal use or to ensure your business meets safety standards while lowering the cost to do so.

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