Why Buy A Self Luminous Exit Sign

Why Buy A Self Luminous Exit Sign

As exit signs are needed for all public buildings getting a self luminous exit sign can be beneficial by cutting electricity costs while maintaining safety standards on lighting. In addition to not requiring electricity these types of signs are useful for a wide range of situations including environments that are overly dry or wet. Though the initial cost of the self luminous sign is slightly higher than other electrified signs the savings that you will be getting on your electric bill will cover the cost in the long run. In addition these signs are safer and more reliable than most because they do not need to be tampered with or plugged in to continue to work. They lifespan of these types of signs is around 10 to 20 years so if you do decide to buy them you are getting your money’s worth.


How Self Luminous Exit Signs Work

The self luminous sign works through pumping tritium through a glass tube. The tritium that is pumped into this tube is radiated and the radiation process is why the signs work as well as they do. This process allows the tritium to be able to stay lit for 20 years and it also ensures that the signs do not loose brightness until this time. The tritium in these signs is an isotope of helium and its radiation is not harmful to humans in any shape or form. This is because the tritium is low on the radiation scale and its gamma rays do not penetrate the skin of a human.

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Self Luminous Exit Signs Are Eco-Friendly

In addition to saving electricity with these signs they are also beneficial to the environment. This is because tritium occurs naturally in the atmosphere and thus we are exposed to it on a daily basis. It occurs naturally through cosmic rays hitting air molecules in the atmosphere which can be displaced into water molecules that trickle down into land and water on our planet.

The fact that the self luminous signs do not use electricity is also a very environmentally friendly aspect of this product. This means that the fossil fuels that power electric reactors do not have to be used as much allowing electricity to be saved and thus the fossil fuels that cloud our atmosphere as well. No matter how you look at it using these signs is a win-win for all.

How To Order Self Luminous Exit Signs

In order to get an exit sign such as this you can often go to a lighting store as well as online. In fact there are many resources online by which you can pick out the type of sign that you want and have it made. The process at www.selfluminousexitsign.com is a simple one and they can have your sign order to you in a matter of days. As you can save much money on your electric bill with this product there is no reason not to invest in it. Saving electricity as well as saving yourself money in the process is a good way to ensure that you are doing your part to help the environment and your wallet.

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