Why Do Buildings Need Self Luminous Exit Signs

Why Do Buildings Need Self Luminous Exit Signs

Buildings all over the US and Canada have to follow strict lighting codes when it comes to the signs that they use for exiting purposes. In addition to this those in Canada also have to follow the rules. Though you may need safety in a building if you are a business owner the electrical cost for this lighting can be a problem. One way that you can cut down on the cost of using these signs if you own a business is investing in self laminating exit signs.


Self Luminous Exit Signs Save Money

These signs not only save you electricity but are environmentally friendly and cut down the cost of installation because they are electricity free; this means that you do not have to pay a large fee to an electrician to install your signs. In regards to this you can either have a maintenance worker install the signs at a lower cost to you or you can even do it yourself. These signs also have a broad range of uses for businesses including for adding color to your establishment while saving money in the process and all you have to do is hang up your sign and it needs no further maintenance or fuss.

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Reasons To Use Self Luminous Exit Signs

Though some areas may allow people to get away with having sub standard exit sign lighting this does not mean that it is the correct thing to do. Therefore you may be a business owner who wants to do all they can to make sure their building maintains safety standards. Using battery powered lights can be a problem for this because they often run out of power quickly needing more batteries and more money to replace them.

As the average tritium powered sign lasts for 10 to 20 years on average this makes it a smart decision for business owners to invest in these types of lights. In addition the lights can be used in a variety of weather conditions because they do not use electricity. Because of this they are also ideal to use in spots of a building that may not be fire proof and that you may not want electricity in.

Affordable Self Luminous Exit Signs

The self illuminating exit sign can range in price depending on where you get yours from. For those who do a bit of research before they buy, these devices should not be too much more than $130. This is a small price to pay considering the amount of money you will be saving on electricity costs in the long run. In addition you will also save time and money with installation.

For these and more reasons buying a self luminous exit sign can be one of the best decisions you can make. Self luminous signs in general can also be good to use for a variety of businesses because they can come in various colors and patterns. This may be ideal for an eatery or bar owner that wants to draw attention to the establishment by having a brightly colored sign out in front, and as you are using no electricity to do it in time it will pay for itself.

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