Advantages of Self Illuminating Exit Signs

Advantages of Self Illuminating Exit Signs

In terms of safety on the job OSHA sets the standards for the brightness associated with exit signs in a building. There are a variety of different lighted exit signs that you could use in a building but many buildings in the US have recently switched to self luminous exit signs for their needs. Part of the reason that this is so may be because these types of signs increase the electrical efficiency for a building by eliminating the need for the signs to use electricity. Since they don’t use this to exert power the self luminous sign has a broader range of applications that can be beneficial to many businesses. One thing that separates this type of exit sign from the electrical powered ones is its ability to be used in any type of weather. In addition the sign is seen as more environmentally friendly than other ones. In all buying this type of sign can be a good choice for any business and this is why if you own a business you may want to invest in them as well.


Self Illuminating

Self illuminated exit signs can not only lower costs when it comes to the electric bill every month but using them also saves the cost of an electrician or maintenance. This is because they do not use any form of power besides radiated tritium gas which is non harmful to humans and which lasts for a period that is often up to 20 years. From this you can see that implementing these lights into a building can be a very smart decision for owners to make. In addition the signs do not cost that much itself at about $100 for the lowest costing ones, though this is a slightly higher price than you would be paying for an electric powered one. Though the cost may be a little higher the money that you would be saving on energy costs would be substantially more over the course of the sign’s use.

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The self luminous exit sign works so well for so long because of the use of tritium as its power source. Radiated tritium has a half life of 10-20 years which means it takes this long for the substance to decay. Though the substance decays in this amount of time, its light still does not completely die and only when the light is lower than OSHA standards allow should it be replaced. Some can even last as long as 25 years. In addition to this the signs have no breakable part which is good in terms of safety and price. This may comfort the various building owners that are contemplating replacing their old exit signs with these types. To add to this replacing about 100 electric powered signs with these types can save an average of more than $3500 a year in electric bills. If you multiply this by 25 this means that you save a substantial amount over the lifetime of this product. This makes buying these signs a big investment for building and business owners alike.

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