Battery Operated Exit Sign Information

Any comparison of the battery operated exit sign invites a comparison of the actual product with the characteristics that the same item might have shown, or failed to demonstrate. At the same time, that product comparison requires a listing of certain facts, specifically those that indicate the battery’s size and position.

Importance of exit sign illumination

A consideration of those two facts had to be made by manufacturers, as each relevant manufacturing group weighed the advantages of a particular sign-type against its potential problems. For example, before any plant chose to attempt the production of signage that relied solely on the power in batteries, those in charge of that facility had to admit to the inadvisability of making such products.


Each such item would need to have very large batteries, objects so large, that they would necessitate a re-designing of the existing signage. However, that altered design would make those same objects look much less attractive, in their location, at the top of a doorway.

Development of battery operated exit signs

Upon considering those two facts, manufacturers chose not to make signage that would use a battery’s power, rather than the power from electrical wires. Instead, manufacturing groups decided to produce signs that contained small batteries. In that way, building owners could feel confident that the letters in their signs would continue to glow, following the occurrence of a blackout. In fact the item that has come to be known as an emergency sign ensures the glowing of its letters for 90 minutes, even after delivery of electrical power has ended.

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Yet even after the introduction of tiny batteries, such as those used to fuel a calculator or a small computerized gadget, thought much about making signs that relied solely on the energy from such minute batteries. That decision reflected considerations for the needs of the men and women who would be buying such items. A building owner does not want to have signage that contains a component that is going to die out after an established period of time. Such an item would need to be recharged or replaced on a regular basis.

Types of battery operated exit signs

Having studied closely the needs of building owners, manufacturers realized the advantages inherent in creation of more than one type of battery operated exit sign. By providing building owners with more than one option, a manufacturing industry would be better able to sell a large number of the products coming out of its plants. In this case that would mean a wider usage of signage that contained small batteries, devices to be used during an emergency.

Materials used in Battery Operated Exit Signs

Consequently, there are three types of plates that contain the glowing letters found in the present-day exit signs. All are thin, but each features either a different material or a unique wiring arrangement. For example, one type of sign features glowing letters on a thermoplastic plate. In a second type, the letters’ glow contrasts with an aluminum cast plate. The third version represents utilization of a more unique approach.

Working of the exit signs

Those signs that fall into the third category have been wired so as to light up only the edges of the letters. Consequently, both incoming current and a battery’s powering capacity do not light up more than the edges of the sign’s four letters. However, that change has not altered the sign’s size. It remains thin and lightweight, something that can easily be installed at the top of a doorway.

Comparison for better buy

So, while a comparison led manufacturers to make only one sort of battery operated exit sign, the results of their comparing also provided the owners of buildings with the opportunity to make a comparison. Today such men and women are comparing the various options available to them. Each of them is seeking to decide on the product that looks best, and best suits the needs of his or her particular building.

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