Do Businesses Need Self Luminous Exit Signs?

Do Businesses Need Self Luminous Exit Signs?

Safety is a top concern in many industries as there are many regulations that are put on companies in the US as far as building codes are concerned. Though some building owners do not seek to comply with OSHA standards this does not mean that it shouldn’t be a top priority. In terms of safety, having a properly lit exit sign is one of the most important things that a business could do for the employees as well as the others that frequent an establishment. This will help in the case of an emergency or a blackout and this is enough reason for any business owner to seriously consider their options when it comes to the type of sign they choose to use in their building. 



Exit Sign Compliance

In addition when it comes to the safety of people in a building in the case of a fire it is law to have illuminated exit signs, as having these helps to show people where to go to get out of a building if they need to. If the owner of a building does not comply with this law they can be heavily fined or even shut down. In regards to this many of the buildings around the US have self illuminated exit signs in place in order to meet OSHA standards while bringing down the cost of electricity.

This occurs because self luminous signs do not need electricity to power them. Replacing electric powered signs with this kind can save a substantial amount a year in fact. This is also an aspect of having one that can save you money in a variety of ways besides just on your electric bill. This can also save you money on the cost of an electrician when it comes time to install these lights.

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Using a self luminous exit sign has other benefits such as the prospect of not having to change the batteries or light bulbs on other forms of signs. This can be a hassle for anyone but with this self powered sign businesses can rest assured that they will not have to do any maintenance on them. To add to this the signs last for up to 25 years in some cases so this affords you a long while without having to worry about the performance of your sign.

It does not turn off day or night and there is no need for you to worry about breaking it either as they are built to be sturdy. Self luminous exits have a variety of uses for those who own small businesses. For example, those who own establishments such as nightclubs or bars can really benefit from this type of exit sign as well as those who may own restaurants. Though they can be a bit more expensive than other exit signs the money that you will undoubtedly save in the years after you buy the product will make it worth every penny you spend.

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