Eco Green Self Luminous Exit Signs

Going Green with Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs are gaining popularity these days because of the simple drive towards a greener earth. People are becoming more responsible and aware towards their responsibilities for sustainable living. Obviously, everyone tries to reduce their carbon footprints so why should not the owners and managers of those large cinema halls, multiplexes and auditoriums?


Tritium exit signs are a way towards eco-friendly existence. While tritium is a radioactive element, it isn’t as harmful as radium or other radioactive elements are. Furthermore, disposal of tritium exit signs is also not very difficult. Thus, using tritium exit signs is beneficial.

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs:

Tritium exit signs are eco friendly because they do not work on electricity. Rather, they are self luminous because of the radioactive isotope of hydrogen, known as tritium. Tritium exit signs do not need electric wiring, electricity and electric bulbs and hence you won’t be required to change the fused bulbs regularly. This surely reduces the cost of maintenance of exit signs. Traditional electric exit signs prove to be expensive because they work on electricity and hence increase the electric bill. Furthermore, you will have to change fused bulbs every now and then which will increase the cost of maintenance.

Self Luminous Exit Signs are Eco-Friendly

Major advantage of using tritium exit signs is the fact that these are reliable and safer than the common electric exit signs. In case of an accidental electric fire due to electric short circuit, there will be dangers of electric wires of electric exit signs catching fire and if it happens, your exit signs will stop working and may increase the severity of fire. On the other hand, tritium exit signs do not require any electric wiring or electricity.

In case of an accidental electric fire, the self luminous exit signs will keep working even if the electricity fails. This will help the people trapped in the auditorium or cinema hall or a closed banquet hall to get direction towards exit door with the help of self luminous exit signs.

Tritium Exit Signs are Non-Electrical

Since there will be no wiring, the tritium exit signs will not add up to the severity of electric fire accident while they will prove reliable to help trapped people in getting out of the precarious situations.

Exit signs are important for providing emergency management. By using tritium exit signs, we can confirm more reliable and safer option of emergency help and management. However, you will need to remain careful about tritium exit signs disposal. While the common supplier or distributor of tritium exit signs will offer free and safe tritium exit disposal option if you prefer to buy a new replacement for your old tritium exit sign, you can also dispose tritium exit sign safely even if you do not want to buy a new one at reasonable price.

Overall, using self luminous exit signs is very profitable and a little care about safe disposal of tritium exit signs will offer us a better and greener option for emergency management.

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