Flood Proof Self Luminous Exit Signs

For Biblical Disasters

When it comes to versatile signs, a self luminous exit sign makes a lot of sense. Most sign fixtures require a constant flow of AC electricity to stay lit and require a battery backup to continue lighting after a power failure.


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Non electrical signs are completely waterproof, continuing to light even when submerged under water. This makes self powered exit signs an important fixture in coastal cities like New York City and Honolulu, where heavy tropical storms can flood subways, parking structures and building locations on the ground floor.

Self-luminous models accomplish this feat through two vital components:

    • A corrosion-resistant aluminum/polycarbonate exterior
    • Naturally glowing tritium in vacuum sealed glass tubes

These attributes beat most other electronic LED exit signs, which have circuits and batteries that are affected by moisture and water.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Construction

During construction, signs are built in layers. The first middle layer is a solid thermoplastic holder that secures the tritium tube array. This layer keeps a tight hold of the tubes and absorbs most shocks from dislodging them.

A plastic exit sign stencil (available in red, green, white, black or custom colors) is placed in front of the tritium array, or on both sides for double-faced models. A clear, shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens is placed over the face to protect the lettering.

To complete the sign, a corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum housing encases the entire unit and locks all the layers together to form one solid, flood proof exit sign.

Tritium Powered Exit Signs

Illumination is provided by tiny glass tubes that have been internally coated with phosphorous. Phosphor glows when in contact with radioactive material. Tritium is a naturally occurring hydrogen gas with very low-level beta radiation that is only harmful when ingested by humans in large quantities.

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Tritium has replaced radium powered signs of old, and can be re-used over and over in proceeding generations of self luminous exit signs. These signs are available in 10 & 20 year models, which are guaranteed to continue operating after repeated exposure to extreme weather.


SL signs are the best flood-proof fixture bar none. Even NEMA 4x rated electronic signs cannot withstand direct immersion in water for the duration that these fixtures can.

Give the pros at SLES a call at 800-379-1129 to see if your building can use flood-proof SL signs.

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