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Protect Your Self Luminous Exit Sign

You've probably seen all the standard options available with our long-lasting self luminous exit signs. You can choose single or double-faced models, colored backgrounds, black outer frames and various mounting options.


See Our Single Sided Self Luminous Exit Signs

However there is a 'secret' option many don't know about, which allows you to choose what type of housing the sign will have. Like our favorite Southern Californian fast food chain, In & Out, with it's infamous 'Animal Style' toppings, you can only order this option directly.

The three available housing types are:

  • ABS plastic
  • Cast aluminum
  • Vandal proof

How Do I Order?

Luckily, we can't keep a secret for very long. The only way to order these housing options is to call our offices toll-free at 800-379-1129. Don't worry, you won't be connected to Bangalore or Sri Lanka;  we only employ real Americans fluent in the English language.

When you speak with one of our friendly sales team, mention what type of housing you require. This will greatly determine the lead time and how long it takes to get to you.

You may also email your request to us. However, you cannot order this option just by shopping online.

What Housing Do I Need?

This is a question that you will ultimately have to do some research into, though we can help guide you.

ABS Plastic Housings

  • Lightweight design reduces shipping costs
  • Completely corrosion-proof. Great for wet locations.
  • Sleek plastic curvature - great addition to any office interior

Cast Aluminum

  • Very sturdy - can hold up even in heavy industrial environments
  • Corrosion resistant and outdoor capable
  • Offers a degree of vandal protection

See Our Double Sided Self Luminous Exit Signs

Vandal Proof Aluminum Housing

  • Even stronger than standard aluminum housing
  • All fasteners are recessed in the slanted outer frame
  • Difficult to dismantle without special tools
  • Only available for single-sided signs

Standard Self Luminous Exit Signs

What happens if I ordered directly through your website?

There is no real penalty for ordering the wrong housing. Plastic and aluminum both afford a great deal of security to the sign. Both housings are applicable to the same environments -  indoors and outdoors. 

If a housing option is not selected you will receive an aluminum (but not vandal-proof, which costs more) exit sign. If they are back ordered, we then send a plastic unit if available.

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