Self Illuminated Tritium Exit Sign

Self Illuminated Tritium Exit Sign

If you’re sick and tired of having to deal with all of the hassles that come with owning and operating your battery powered or electrically powered exit sign, then it’s time to make the smart switch to a self illuminated tritium exit sign. These awesome signs run on their own power, meaning nothing else is needed outside of the sign itself in order for it to work. You simply pay once—upfront—for your sign and then never have to spend another dime on making it work ever again. As you likely know all too well, this is not the case with other types of exit signs out there!


For those of you who haven’t yet made the mistake of choosing a battery powered or electrically powered exit sign but who are thinking about doing so, we urge you to think again! Battery powered signs might sound easy to manage, but only if you like changing batteries almost constantly! Those who have owned battery powered signs report having to change the batteries one to three times per week, sometimes even as often as once daily! Even working with battery chargers and rechargeable batteries doesn’t help, since rechargeable batteries tend to stop working even more quickly than regular batteries!

A Self Illuminated Tritium Exit Sign Is The Smart Choice

You might be wondering what the problem is with electrically operated exit signs, but a better question would be what isn’t a problem!? First of all, don’t be fooled by a great deal on an electrically powered exit sign. That great deal is only the beginning of all of the costs you’ll have to pay just to use your own exit sign. First of all, you’ll have to have a professional electrician install the sign for you, which can be costly. If you skip this step, you run the risk of presenting a fire hazard and not passing inspection! Once the sign is finally installed, the work of remembering to turn it off and on each night, of replacing burnt out light bulbs, and of checking for damages to the cord or other parts begins. Oh, and you’ll also get to watch your electric bill do a quick skyrocket. Obviously, neither of these types of signs are ideal. That’s why we so strongly encourage you to purchase a self illuminated tritium exit sign instead.

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The self illuminated tritium exit sign gives off tons of light all on its own. Plus, it can last for ten to even twenty years, depending upon the exact product and model that you buy. When compared with the measly five to six years the average battery or electrically operated exit sign will last, it’s easy to see the difference! A self illuminated tritium exit sign doesn’t have any installation fees, and it will work indoors or outdoors, in any temperatures or condition, and requires absolutely nothing on your part. All you have to do is order the sign that you want, and you’ll have tons of awesome varieties and styles to choose from.

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