Self Illuminating Exit Sign Options

Self Luminous Exit Signs are Better Option

Self luminous exit signs are used in closed halls meant for public gathering such as cinema halls and auditorium. These exit signs are very important for preventing frenzied stampede during a sudden fire break in such closed halls or similar other accidents. These exit signs glow in dark so that people may attain direction towards the exit door easily. These exit signs actually help even in normal situations so that the darkness may not cause difficulty for people to find the exit door.


Traditionally, electric exit signs are used in such closed halls but now days, better and modern technology of self luminous exit signs is replacing these electric exit signs.

Why Self Luminous Exit Signs are Preferable?

This is not difficult to understand. Self illuminating exit signs are preferable because they do not use electricity to glow, rather they are self illuminating. These self illuminating exit signs are tritium based exit signs that use tritium as the self glowing material. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen which is toxic in nature yet not as dangerous as other radioactive materials such as radium. However, tritium can prove to be lethally dangerous if it is inhaled or if someone ingest it. This is the reason why it is necessary to remain alert and careful while mounting the tritium exit signs on the exit door. If somehow these tritium exit signs falls and their glowing tube gets broken, the tritium released may cause serious health issues.

Despite of this, tritium exit signs are preferable because they are greener option and do not use any electricity. Nor they require any electric bulb as they are self illuminating. Furthermore, you won’t be needed to fix electric wiring to get these tritium exit signs working. Hence, even in case of fire accidents, these tritium exit signs will keep working because they do not have any electric wiring which may catch fire. Tritium exit signs are thus more reliable than electric exit signs and will work properly even in most drastic emergency situations.

Self Luminous Exit Signs are cheaper

Self luminous exit signs are better and cheaper. However, you will find that the initial price of tritium exit signs is much more than that of simple electric exit signs. But the maintenance cost of electric exit signs is amazingly higher than that of tritium exit signs. Self illuminating exit signs do not use electricity and hence they do not increase your electric bill. This is profitable and desirous because nobody wants to increase the carbon footprints. Lesser electric consumption is the greener option. However, this issue loses its importance if solar generators are used to produce electricity. Self illuminating exit signs are cheaper because you won’t be required to check and replace the fused bulbs. Obviously, this is profitable especially because electric exit signs cannot work with fused bulbs while tritium exit signs just do not use any bulb.

Overall, self luminous exit signs are better, more reliable, cheaper and safer option.

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