Self Luminous Exit Sign Costs

Self Luminous Exit Sign Costs

When it comes to self illuminating exit signs these can generally cost more than electric powered signs because they are so much more beneficial to use in a building and because they last for such a long period of time without maintenance. Many businesses could benefit from this and the costs that they would incur through purchasing this type of sign could far outweigh the initial losses in capital. This is something to think about if you are a business owner looking to cut down costs in the long run.


Self Luminous Exit Sign Technology

Self luminous signs are those that incorporate tritium gas in glass tubes which are then shaped into letters or any number of other symbols. These signs are a smart choice for many business owners because they can not only save money but also add efficiency to a building as well. In fact many buildings in the US and Canada use these types of signs in order to meet building codes while saving money on electricity bills in the process.

Non-Electrical Technology

As using electric powered signs can lead to the occurrence of a fire through faulty wiring at times many have come to the conclusion that using self luminous signs are safer as well. In addition to saving company money on utility bills these types of signs can also save the money that is spent hiring an electrician to install them. Since they use no electricity a maintenance worker or other person can install it at a lower cost to the business owner.

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Other benefits of a self luminous sign include the fact that it can used in a variety of weather conditions and in a variety of places. Whether your establishment is in a wet or dry climate the sign will not falter and it is also very durable in the case of a disaster. Many that you can purchase on the open market are fire tested and can even function better than electrical signs in fire and smog. This is because the tritium based exit signs can be seen more clearly in either case.

This makes them a safer alternative to other exit signs that could potentially save many lives in the case of a fire. They are also constantly illuminated throughout the half life of the tritium inside them. This means that a building maintenance worker will not have to constantly change any batteries on the sign.

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If you are fed up from the high cost of electricity and want to replace your old electric powered signs with the self illuminating kind then there are a variety of sites online that sell this type of exit sign. You can also find them offline but for a better range of products to choose from and a better price using the online method may be best. In addition to getting an exit sign self luminous signs can be customized for various uses. Though this customization may cost more on some sites it can be an aspect of your business that grabs the attention of customers increasing your revenue in the process.

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