Self Luminous Exit Signs - Safe and Effective

Self luminous exit signs - safe and effective

Self luminous exit signs are safe, effective, and a good choice for any business that wants to clearly mark the way out of a building.

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These types of signs are also sometimes called radioactive exit signs. Then name radioactive can be concerning and give the idea that the lights are cancer causing or otherwise dangerous. This is not true. Radioactive exit signs (self luminous exit signs) are safe, effective, and also one of the most reliable types of exit signs produced today.

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Features of self luminous exit signs

The special feature about these types of lights is that they don’t need an external power source. They don’t require batteries that need to be replaced and neither do they require electrical wiring. The self luminous exit sign is safe, effective, and always ready to provide light. It is requires almost no maintenance. The light provided by these types of exit signs is always clear and bright. Even during extended periods of lack of power, the luminescent sign will provide clear guidance as to where people need to go in order to leave a building.

Long lasting self luminous exit signs

The lights can also have a very long lifespan. Some types of these self luminous exit sign can last for as long as 20 years. The initial investment might be higher, but in the long run, the initial more expensive investment will save you and your business money since the unit won’t need to be replaced for half a generation.

Radioactive light

The term radioactive light can be somewhat misleading. These types of lights are not dangerous for your health. The self luminous exit sign contains tritium. This isotope is a radioactive element of hydrogen. It’s a element that’s naturally produced in the environment when cosmic rays hit air molecules in the upper atmosphere. When tritium occurs naturally in the environment, it is in very low concentrations. The concentrations used in the lights are much higher. Natural concentrations are found in the form of tritiated water that can be found in rock, soil, the atmosphere and water bodies.

Commercial production

When tritium is produced commercially, it’s created in reactors. The commercially produced tritium is created in reactors. The chemical is collected and is used in an assortment of self-luminescent devices. These self-luminescent devices include exit signs in buildings, luminous paints, aircraft dials, wristwatches and gauges. Tritium is even used to investigate the safety of potential new drugs.

Access to Tritium lights

With so many uses, it’s obvious that the tritium used in exit lights is the least dangerous radionuclides that people have access to. The tiny levels of weak radiation the chemical creates leaves the body quickly without causing any damage. This is why self luminous exit lights are safe and effective and no one should ever worry about their health when around any light like this.

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