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There are so many options available for self luminous exit signs, it can almost be as daunting as ordering from a franchise coffee bar. You can change the colors, order custom frames and choose different polycarbonate lens types.


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But possibly the most important  option is the type of words or symbols that best speaks to the majority of your building occupants. There are a million ways to say or depict the concept of an exit. So which type are you?

To order custom signage, we highly suggest you call our toll free number, 800-379-1129 or email our production staff. Yes these options can be ordered online, however, customers new to any retail website often get frustrated with automated options. Using a more direct approach helps to clear up any misconceptions on both ends. Plus, we love hearing from you!

Self Luminous Exit Sign Stencils

If you take apart a self powered exit sign, you'll find a thin plastic stencil between the lens and the glowing tritium tubes. Stencils are individually cut at the factory before shipping.

We highly suggest you take a good hard look at the demographics of your building. If the occupants are bi-lingual, do they speak English as a primary or secondary language? In some cases, you might even require a more internationally recognized symbol in place of words.

Custom Signage

The following are just some of the pre-made custom wording available:

  • 'Salida' - For occupants whose primary language is Spanish
  • Any language that uses Roman lettering (i.e. English)
  • Bi-Lingual - Will read exit in the two predominant languages
  • Chinese, Japanese or Korean script
  • International 'Running Man' pictogram
  • Grade 2 Braille with Rowmark tactile lettering

Beyond Exit Signs

If you want a self-powered sign that isn't meant for exits, you can order a number of other words and symbols as well.

Some of the popular non-exit signs can be used to mark:

    • Stairs
    • Elevators
    • Handicap symbols
    • Area of Refuge
    • Electrical Room
    • Roof Access
    • Not An Exit
    • Danger
    • Warning


Again, if you wish to order any of the custom letters, symbols or tactile script it is best to call the exit sign pros at SLES toll free at 800-379-1129. Depending on the complexity, custom lettering may raise the price slightly and will not reflect the prices listed on our website.

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