Symbols on a Self Luminous Exit Sign Legend

Self Luminous Exit Sign Labels Explained

No matter what options you choose when purchasing self luminous exit signs, they will always have four small labels, typically located at the bottom of the 'exit' stencil. These symbols should never change whether you get a single or double-sided sign or a 10, 15 or 20 year model.


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These symbols are:

    • The letters 'UL'
    • The letters 'ULC'
    • A blue Energy Star stamp
    • A radioactive trefoil symbol

If you come across self powered exit signs that are missing any of these symbols on either the sign face or the box it came in, be very wary. You could be in possession of a knock-off unit built in China. Such signs are not only in violation of US patent laws, they can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous.

In this article, let's take a look at what these important symbols actually mean.

UL Stamp

The Underwriters Laboratories is recognized worldwide as the premiere safety science company. For over 100 years, UL has helped promote safe living and working environments by setting high standards for electronic products used in the public sector.

To be UL 924 listed, exit signs must:

  • Connect to branch circuits of 600 volts or less
  • Must automatically supply illumination during power failures
  • Meets all requirements of article 700 & 701 of the National Electric Code
  • Abides by the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code

ULC Stamp

Canada has it's own Underwriters Laboratories, whose aim is nearly identical to those in the United States. However, this stamp makes SL signs applicable throughout Canada and Quebec.

Energy Star Symbol

The blue and yellow Energy Star symbol is rewarded to electronic units that meet a very low energy usage as dictated by the Environmental Protection agency.

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For exit signs to be Energy Star compliant, they must consume no more than 5 watts of electricity. SL signs use no power, meaning they are the ultimate Energy Star exit sign.

Manufacturer's Label

This rectangular label will list the name and address of the manufacturer as well as the:

  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • Manufacturing date

This label also contains the radioactive trefoil symbol and a few instructions for proper use, handling and disposal of the unit.

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