Tritium Exit Sign Disposal

Disposing of Tritium Exit Signs

Proper Tritium Disposal is a very important factor when disposing of tritum-containing materials; such as business exit signs. Tritum is a radioactive material; and disposing of it improperly is not only illegal, but can be extremely hazardous to your health.

Bulb Concerns

Inside of a business exit sign, the bulbs use tritum as a flourescent-type light; where the bulbs can last an extremely long time, in comparison to regular light fixtures. If a light were to break, the material inside can be harmful to touch or to breath in.

Recycling Tritium Exit Signs

Many companies offer free tritum recycling to remedy this problem. You can send in your exit sign at no cost, and the company will reuse the tritum within the bulbs in a new exit sign; while recycling the other materials that cannot be reused.

Safety Warning 

Choosing to simply throw away the sign could cause health and legal problems - as there is a significant fine by the Environmental Protection Agency for improperly disposing of this material. In addition, anyone that may have been affected by the improper disposal of the exit sign has the legal right to receive compensation from you for any damages received.

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When disposing of tritum, you should keep in mind that tritum is a skin and eye irrirant, harmful if swallowed, and can cause serious damage to the eyes. It can also absorb through your skin and cause gastro-intestinal irritation; such as nausea, vomiting, and diarreah as well. This is important to remember in case one of the bulbs were to break open during the disposal process.

Proper safety measures when disposing of tritum-containing materials include: wearing self-contained breathing apparatus, rubber boots, and rubber gloves. Make sure that you do not allow any tritum to enter a water supply source, such as a sink or drain.

Precautions for Disposal

If a tritum powered bulb happens to break during the disposal process and you wash the material down the sink, it could enter the public water supply; and cause damage to those who use the same water supply for drinking and bathing. Instead, you should keep it in a closed container until proper waste disposal can be made via the recycling facility.

Some recycling companies give credit for the exit signs that are disposed at their facility. Others simply allow you to recycle the material at their location at no cost to you. Regardless, an exit sign should never be tossed into a dumpster. The tritum would enter the landfill, which would release the radioactive material when the sign was compressed along with the other garbage. When rain or other water enters the dump site, it would wash the tritum into the soil - which would in turn cause the material to enter into the public water supply.

We Recycle Tritium Exit Signs

There are many tritum disposal and recycling facilities online. Simply type in "tritum disposal" in your favorite search engine, and find the facility that is nearest to you. Proper disposal of tritum will keep your business safe from contamination and free from the legal stipulations that go along with improper disposal of tritum. Call us, Self Luminous Exit Sign Co., at (800) 379-1129 to coordinate the proper disposal.

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